Raiders are a club that prides itself on its sense of community and our coaches are an important part of this. We now have a Coaches Portal that is a collection of resources to help you plan your sessions, look up new drills and communicate with your team more efficiently.  

The below links are open to all of our coaches, for which you can also contribute to help share knowledge.

For access to the Raiders Coaches Portal - click here!

WDNA, Netball Queensland and Netball Australia also offer a list of resources, visit the WDNA Coaching Resources page.

Season Information

  • Coaches are responsible for running one weekly training session, held on Wednesday afternoons and to be available for Saturday fixtures.
  • Coaches must wear their Raiders 'Coach' shirt to weekly training and Saturday fixtures. 
  • There is a Raiders' Official rostered on duty all day, every Saturday. The name of the official on duty as well as their contact number can be found each Saturday in a clipboard hung up at the Raiders Tent. Should coaches have any questions or concerns, it is best to contact the Official on duty. 
  • It is important for coaches to note the Raiders Netball Club Parent / Player Agreement (accepted behaviour) located on the Our Policies page. 
Coaching in 2020 EOI ( 2)


At the beginning of the netball season, each coach is given equipment to be used at training and for weekend fixtures. Should coaches require additional/replacement equipment, they must contact the Equipment Coordinator.

  • 1 x Coaches bag
  • 1 x Match ball
  • 1 x Set of match bibs
  • 1 x Set of training bibs
  • 1 x Clipboard
  • 3 x Training balls
  • 1 x Training ball bag

Medical Kits
Raiders Netball Club have three medical kits that are accessible on training nights. There is a medic available all day during Saturday fixtures. 

Education & Accreditation

DCC- Graphic  Coach- Pathway 300816

Foundation Coach Accreditation Course

The online Foundation Coach Accreditation Course is targeted primarily at beginner coaches, teachers, parents, and NetSetGo coaches and outlines introductory coaching information and basic netball techniques. The course is the first step in the National Coaching Accreditation Framework and is an important step along the knowledge pathway for a coach. 
The online Foundation Coach Accreditation Course is available through Netball Australia. 

For up to date information including course locations, prerequisites, and course content please visit the Netball Queensland Coaching Accreditation page. 

Raiders Netball Club reimburses coaches 50% of the cost of courses upon successful completion. 

WDNA Scoring Protocol

WDNA value the contribution of volunteers and have asked that all clubs share the districts' scoring protocol. It is important that the responsibility of scoring is shared across teams. Please see the WDNA Score Card Example as a step by step guide to filling out a score sheet. 

Technical officials responsible for maintaining a scoring record of the match together with a record of centre passes and details of players on court.

The official record of the match results.

Scorers shall ensure:

  • The team listed first on the fixture sheet shall collect the card from the WDNA front counter.
  • Before the start of play ensure all players have signed the card.
  • One scorer from each team shall stand together on the sideline in the middle of the court.
  • During the match, record goals scored for each team as they occur as well as any unsuccessful shots. Successful goals are recorded as a stoke and missed goals are recorded as a dot. Tally the scores at the end of each quarter. 
  • Keep a record of the centre pass taken by each team.
  • DO NOT call out while scoring (this includes cheering). 
  • Notify the umpires if an incorrect centre pass is indicated prior to the whistle being blown for the centre pass. No action will be taken if the centre pass has already been taken. 
  • At the end of the match scorers, umpires, and captains sign the scorecard.
  • The winning team should return the scorecard to WDNA admin.

Want to be a coach?

Raiders Netball Club are always on the look out for people who would like to coach a team. If you are new to coaching or don't have a lot of experience, there are all sorts of ways to build experience such as teaming up with another coach, or work alongside an experienced coach to build skills for next season. WDNA also runs coaching clinics and courses throughout the season.  Please contact our coaching coordinator for more information