Our Policies

It is a condition of registration with the Raiders Netball Club that all players and parents (when the player is 17 years or younger) agree to abide by the following policies, related to accepted and expected behaviours of all Raiders Netball Club players and parents.

Player/Parent Agreement

  1. I acknowledge that if my registration fees have not been paid before the advertised due date, my registration will not be accepted, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Raiders Netball Club Secretary.

  2. I understand that if I withdraw from my netball team prior to the commencement of the season, that I will incur a $75.00 administration fee; however if I withdraw from my netball team at any time during the season, that I will not receive a refund of my registration fees.

  3. I acknowledge that as part of my registration with the Raiders Netball Club, I understand that all teams are selected by a panel of appointed Team Selectors and that their decision is final. No changes will be made to the teams at the request of either myself or my parent/s.

  4. I will notify the Team Manager if I am unable to play in my team, for any game, or if I am unable to attend training. I will give such notification at least 24 hours before the training/game time unless extenuating circumstances exist, in which case I will contact the Team Manager as soon as practicable thereafter.

  5. I will ensure that I am collected from training on time, or that suitable alternative arrangements have been made.

  6. If I am in a Raiders Netball Club team which has been appointed a Team Coach who is 21 years or younger, we (the player and parent/s of players 17 years or younger) will direct any concerns to the Team Manager or Executive Member if necessary, and will not approach the Team Coach directly with any such matters, under any circumstances.

  7. I agree that the Team Coach reserves the right to play whichever players she/he chooses and in the positions that she/he chooses.

  8. I acknowledge that we will abide by the rules of the Raiders Netball Club and Western Districts Netball Association (WDNA) www.westerndistricts.qld.netball.com.au/content.

  9. I (the player and parent/s of players 17 years or younger) shall accept and cheerfully abide by any resulting decisions and directives given from the Raiders Netball Club Executive Committee.

  10. We appreciate that the Raiders Netball Club is a volunteer organisation and, that in accepting our membership, we agree to undertake any duties assigned to the team we (the player and parent/s of players 17 years or younger) are registered to.

Players' Code of Behaviour

  1. I will always try to play by the netball rules.

  2. I will never question or argue with an umpire’s or other netball official’s decision. If I disagree with a decision, I will take my concern to my Team Captain, Team Coach, or Team Manager for guidance.

  3. I will always control my temper and acknowledge that abuse either verbal or physical, or the deliberate provoking of a player, is unacceptable under all circumstances and that the failure to control my temper may result in my suspension and/or removal from the netball match, the Raiders Netball Club, and/or the Western Districts Netball Association (WDNA).

  4. I will always work as equally hard for myself as for my netball team and respect that my teammates will also.

  5. I will ensure that I always show good sportsmanship, and will show appreciation for good play in both my own team and that of the opposition.

  6. I will remember to treat all players, as I would like to be treated myself and that I will never interfere with, bully, or take unfair advantage of another player.

  7. At all times, I will cheerfully co-operate with my Team Coach, teammates and opponents, as I know that without them, I would not have the opportunity to play netball.

  8. I will always remember that I play netball for the fun of the game and for no other reason.

Parents' Code of Behaviour

  1. We will always remember that our child is playing netball for her enjoyment - not ours.

  2. We will focus on our child’s efforts and performance rather than the winning or losing of the netball match.

  3. We will encourage our child, her team mates, and opponents to endeavour to play netball, according to the rules of the game and the Raiders Netball Club spirit.

  4. We will never ridicule or berate our child, her team mates, or opponents for making a mistake during the match or for losing the game.

  5. We will always remember that our child, her team mates, and opponents will learn best by example, and as such, we will applaud good netball play by both teams.

  6. We will support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from the netball activities.

  7. We will respect the netball umpire’s decisions and teach our daughter to do likewise.

  8. We will show appreciation of our daughter’s Team Coach, and other netball officials, administrators, and volunteers – remembering that without them, our child would not be able to play netball.

Code of Conduct - Breaches

Any breach of the Raiders Netball Club Code of Conduct may have serious consequences for the Club and the persons involved. Breaches of the Raiders Netball Club Code of Conduct may result in a fine, suspension, registration cancelled, loss of competition points, and any other penalty deemed appropriate by the Raiders Netball Club Committee. 

In determining the disciplinary action to be taken under the Raiders Netball Club Code of Conduct for Minor Discipline Breaches, the Club shall consider the seriousness of the breach and whether the Player has repeated the offence. The player may be stood down from the team for a maximum of two games. The player will have the right to appeal a decision through the Raiders Netball Club Committee Player’s Representative and/or through the Complaints and Appeals Procedures of the Raiders Netball Club.

Complaints/Appeals Procedures
Minor Discipline Breaches

  • Failing to attend training, without notifying the Team Coach.
  • Being late for a match.
  • Refusing to fill a role requested by the Team Coach on game day(s) or at training.

Any person wishing to raise an issue shall do so as follows:

  1. Raise the issue with Team Manager or Team Coach* in the first instance, or a Raiders Netball Club Committee Member. Where possible the person reporting the issue should make suggestions that may resolve the issue. As soon as practicable, the Team Manager, Team Coach and/or Committee Member and the claimant, must meet and try and resolve the issue. 

  2. Where the initial parties cannot resolve the issue, the Team Manager should refer the matter to the Committee President or Secretary as soon as possible. 

  3. In attempting to resolve the issue, all parties should take into account the following factors:
    3.1 The extent of the issue, i.e. if it is likely to have a wider effect in the Club;
    3.2 The number of players or teams affected;
    3.3 Whether appropriate temporary measures are possible or desirable;
    3.4 The expected time before the issue can be addressed; and
    3.5 What resources may be needed to resolve the issue.

  4. The consent of the Committee must be obtained before any external parties are involved in the resolution of Raiders Netball Club issues. Only the Club President is authorised to make public statements on behalf of the Raiders Netball Club.

  5. The Team Manager and/or Team Coach may at any time call on Committee Members for assistance. Any netball or team related issue reported to the Committee, where the Team Manager and/or Team Coach has not been given the initial opportunity to resolve any such issue, will be referred to the Team Manager/Coach. All persons must take reasonable actions to avoid situations that could cause serious injury or harm to health of players, officials, or the public. If any hazard is identified the Committee are to be informed as soon as possible. 

  6. The Raiders Netball Club Committee will appoint (3) three members to review all Disciplinary Breaches and Appeals. These members will include:
  • Club President** ; and
  • Club Secretary; and one of:
a) Club Coaching Coordinator (if breach or complaint related to Team Coach); or
b) Club Players’ Representative (if breach or complaint involves a Raiders Player); or
c) Club Umpires’ Coordinator (if breach or complaint involves an Umpire).

* Team Coach must be 21 years or older.
** Club Vice President can fulfil this role in the absence of the Club President.

Code of Conduct - Summary of Offences

Raiders Netball Club is responsible for the conduct of their players, parents/carers of players, Team Coaches, officials, and spectators. No person(s) attending a match, function or event shall: 

  1. Use offensive or obscene language to any participant; 

  2. Enter the court during a match without the prior approval of the officiating umpire;

  3. Excessively dispute the decision of an umpire either during or after a match; 

  4.  Assault or act with aggression to any person/s;

  5. Behave in a way contrary to the Code of Conduct and/or the spirit of the game;

  6. Behave in a way which disturbs the enjoyment of a match, function, or event by any other person/s, or brings discredit to the Raiders Netball Club and/or Western Districts Netball Association (WDNA);

  7.  Act in such a way as to exhibit racial intolerance, by language or other conduct, to any person/s; or

  8. Refuse to accept the reasonable direction of the umpires, Raiders Netball Club or Western Districts Netball Association (WDNA) officials.

Player Insurance

In the event of an injury at either training or a game, players must notify their coach and team manager to ensure the incident can be appropriately documented.

A portion of the Raiders Netball Club registration fee is paid to Netball Australia (via WDNA) for insurance under the Netball Australia Risk Protection Program. 
This program is handled by V-Insurance Group (Corporate authorised representative of Willis) as the insurance broker of Netball Australia. This insurance covers you for certain non-Medicare costs should you be injured as a result of playing netball.

Note: Insurance cover only applies to members who are involved in Netball Queensland sanctioned competitions and
activities. Members are not covered if they play in a non-affiliated netball competition. Players are only covered by this insurance once Raiders fees are paid in full. 

If you are injured at either training or in a game, you must report this to your Coach and Team Manager to make sure the incident can be appropriately documented in case you need to make a claim against the insurance policy. 

For details about the insurance policy, please visit Netball QLD Fees and Insurance.

WDNA Photography Policy

During the season written permission must be obtained from the relevant parents or guardians prior to the taking of any photograph of WDNA members under the age of 18. However during the season, WDNA dedicate two days where photographs may be taken without having to obtain permission - WDNA Photo Day. 

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