Honour Board (2018)

Raiders Netball Club is proud of their players and members' achievements both on and off the court. Every year, players and club members are awarded for their outstanding skills, commitment, and service to the club.

Premiership Teams

Raiders 3 (Seniors Div 2) coached by Terri Benvin
Raiders 5 (16-18's Div 2) coached by Maddie Herrod
Raiders 9 (14/15's Div 5) coached by Greta Wilson
Raiders 12 (12's Div 2) coached by Laurel Zaicek

Runners-Up Teams

Raiders 1 (A Grade) coached by Steven Curr (asst. coach Claudia Gray)
Raiders 4 (Seniors Div 4) coached by Nick Dawes
Raiders 13 (12's Div 4) coached by Georgia Staal

Representative Players

Steve Curr (Queensland Open Men's, Queensland Premier League)
Lucy Walker (Brisbane West Lions)
Charlotte Andrews (Queensland Premier League)
Caitlin Fogarty (Queensland Premier League)
Lilly Fuller (Queensland Premier League)
Claudia Gray (Queensland Premier League)
Mary Lippiatt (Queensland Premier League)

Junior Coach of the Year

Natalie Millis & Georgia Staal

Senior Coach of the Year

Mary Lippiatt

Junior Most Promising Player

Elliotte Caton

Senior Most Outstanding Player

Claudia Gray

Senior Umpire of the Year

Terri Benvin

Junior Team of the Year

Raiders 17 (10's Div 4)

Senior Team of the Year

Raiders 4 (Senior Div 4)

Junior Club Spirit Award

Holly Landers

Raeann Shields Award for Club Spirit

Mary Lippiatt

Suzanne Wilson Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement

Steven Curr

Junior Club Service Award

Imogen Ryan

AKD Softwoods Club Service Award

Fiona Challenor

Raiders' Commendation of Service

Sophie Challenor
Olivia Durrheim
Sam Firrell
Evie Steer

Highest Team Shooting Percentage

Raiders 5 (16-18's Div 2)

5 Year Club Awards

Alice Aboud
Sarah Fenner
Lilly Fuller
Imogen Kerr
Kate Newman
Imogen Ryan
Evie Steer
Zoe Watson

10 Year Club Awards

Charlotte Andrews
Danica Vulic
Lucy Walker

Team Awards

Raiders 1 (A Grade)

Most Valuable Player: Charlotte Andrews
Coach's Award: Harriet White
Player's Player: Lilly Fuller

Raiders 2 (A Reserve)
Most Valuable Player: Sam Firrell
Coach's Award: Georgia Staal
Player's Player: Sam Firrell

Raiders 3 (Seniors Div 2)
Most Valuable Player: Morgan Bignell
Coach's Award: Beth Royan
Player's Player: Morgan Bignell

Raiders 4 (Seniors Div 4)
Most Valuable Player: Paige Tait
Coach's Award: Brittany Anderson
Player's Player: Brittany Anderson

Raiders 5 (16-18's Div 2)
Most Valuable Player: Talitha Cox
Coach's Award: Lily Hooper
Player's Player: Lily Hooper

Raiders 6 (16-18's Div 2)
Most Valuable Player: Sienna Harris
Coach's Award: Olivia Chalk
Player's Player: Chloe Paterson

Raiders 7 (16-18's Div 3)
Most Valuable Player: Margot Clarke
Coach's Award: Danica Vulic
Player's Player: Georgina Groth

Raiders 8 (14/15's Div 3 )
Most Valuable Player: Alice Kippen
Coach's Award: Sarah Fenner
Player's Player: Alice Kippen

Raiders 9 (14/15's Div 5)
Most Valuable Player: Ruby Graven-Dugmore
Coach's Award: Emma Rowlands
Player's Player: Kaija Hardegan

Raiders 10 (13's Div 1)
Most Valuable Player: Remaya Brown
Most Improved: Mieke Ochre
Coach's Award: Zoe Watson

Raiders 11 (13's Div 3)
Most Valuable Player: Zoe Ridd
Most Improved: Eloise Clarke
Coach's Award: Nicole Hainen

Raiders 12 (12's Div 2)
Most Valuable Player: Amy Tsibogiannis
Most Improved: Ava Campbell
Coach's Award: Darcey Cooper

Raiders 13 (12's Div 4)
Most Valuable Player: Charlize Van Buren
Most Improved: Rebecca Gong
Coach's Award: Sophie Mortensen

Raiders 14 (11's Div 2)
Most Valuable Player: Imogen Ryan
Most Improved: Milly Watson
Coach's Award: Libby Henry

Raiders 15 (11's Div 5)
Most Valuable Player: Molly Cooper
Most Improved: Dilmi Gunasekera
Coach's Award: Charli Wood

Raiders 16 (10's Div 3)
Most Valuable Player: Madeline Millis
Most Improved: Stella Tempany
Coach's Award: Alexa Sheehy

Raiders 17 (10's Div 4)
Most Valuable Player: Elliotte Caton
Most Improved: Olivia Harding
Coach's Award: Amy Butner

Raiders 18 (9's Div 1)
Most Valuable Player: Evee McWilliam
Most Improved: Genevieve Davies
Coach's Award: Annika Turley

Raiders 19 (9's Div 2)
Most Valuable Player: Tabitha Hipkins
Most Improved: Isla Brodie
Coach's Award: Holly Landers

Raiders 20 (9's Div 4)
Most Valuable Player: Rosie Melvin
Most Improved: Emily Guy
Coach's Award: Afiyah Keane

Raiders 21 (Bilbies)
Most Valuable Player: Jessica Watson
Most Improved: Mary Wild
Coach's Award: Stella Willebrands

Raiders 21 (Possums)
Most Valuable Player: Jennifer Gordon
Most Improved: Rhea Chandran
Coach's Award: Isabell Harding
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